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  • Series: Two Sides
  • Publication Date: 25 Jun 2018
  • Key Stage: 3, 4
  • Interest Age: 13+
  • Year Group: 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Reading Age: 8–9
  • Format: Book Collection
  • Type of Book: Fiction
  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: UY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 2.8–3.8
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Two Sides

There are always two sides to every story.

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Two Sides - Readers Pack

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Number Of Titles: 6
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Two Sides - Readers Pack
Two Sides - Readers Pack
Two Sides - Readers Pack

Two Sides - Readers Pack Number of Titles: 6

Two Sides - Readers Pack
Number of Titles: 6 View All
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The Two Sides series take serious themes faced by many young people in today’s world such as sexual identity, domestic abuse, racism and being a young carer and bring them to life through the words of a young person struggling to come to terms with them. These innovative books are written both from the affected teenager’s point of view and someone else who has made an assumption about the situation coloured by prejudice or ignorance. Appearances can be deceiving. In a judgemental world, can your students see Two Sides?

Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door by Karen Moncrieffe

Imani moves to a new house in an area where she doesn’t always feel welcome. She begins chatting to Kelsey, the girl who lives next door.

Kelsey seems nice, but her family and friends dislike anyone they consider to be different.

Will Kelsey find the courage to stand up to her family, or will hate drive the girls apart?

  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: UY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 3.8
  • Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 234090
  • Accelerated Reader Points: 1

Sam by Emma Norry

Sam’s friends haven’t been round for months. He spends most of his time online. His schoolwork is suffering.

His mum is worried, but Sam reckons she doesn’t understand him, not like his online friends. Plus she’s really busy working two jobs. Sam can’t talk to his dad either because he’s gone and got himself a new family.

Will Sam tell anyone his secret, before it tears him apart?

  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: UY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 3.4
  • Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 234094
  • Accelerated Reader Points: 1
You Don't Car

You Don't Care by Luisa Plaja

Jordan likes Hannah even though his friend says she’s bad news. Jordan is sure it’s just gossip... until Hannah starts cancelling their plans for no reason.

Hannah likes Jordan, but she has to look after her dad and sister. She can’t always find time to go out and have fun.

Does Jordan care more about what his friend says than he does about Hannah?

  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: UY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 2.8
  • Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 234097
  • Accelerated Reader Points: 1

Stop by Jenni Spangler

Ryan has always wanted to be a police officer. When he’s picked to go on a real undercover operation, it’s his chance to prove he’s got what it takes.

But on the way home, something happens and his life is changed forever.

  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: UY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 3.7
  • Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 234095
  • Accelerated Reader Points: 1
Looking After Mum

Looking After Mum by Roy Apps

Dani is looking forward to Matt’s birthday meal with their friends at the local pizza place. But Matt doesn’t show up. Then, when Matt doesn’t reply to her texts, Dani is upset. She can’t believe Matt is the kind of guy who’d behave like that.

But Matt has problems of his own at home. Problems that he can’t bear to share with anyone, least of all his friends. 

Will Dani discover the truth?

  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: UY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 3.5
  • Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 234093
  • Accelerated Reader Points: 1

Bruised by Donna David

Finn has been acting weird. He’s moved to his gran’s house in the posh end of town and now it’s as if he thinks he’s too good for his old friends. He’s getting into trouble too. All-night gaming and near-misses with the police.

Can Dean get to the bottom of what’s going on with his best mate? Or is it too late for their friendship?

  • Accelerated Reader Interest Level: UY
  • Accelerated Reader Book Level: 3.7
  • Accelerated Reader Quiz Number: 234087
  • Accelerated Reader Points: 1
More Information
Series Two Sides
Publication Date 25 Jun 2018
Key Stage 3, 4
Interest Age 13+
Year Group 8, 9, 10, 11
Reading Age 8–9
Format Book Collection
Type of Book Fiction
Accelerated Reader Interest Level UY
Accelerated Reader Book Level 2.8–3.8