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Maths Problem Solving - We Have a Problem Year 5 Teacher Book & Word files CD

ISBN: 9781781470022

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Spiral Bound + CD £36.00

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The 'We have a problem!' series is aimed at Key Stage 2 teachers who want to challenge and inspire their class with word problems in maths. If you want to take your pupils off auto-pilot and developing a sparky, thinking classroom, it's the resource for you!


Why is this resource different?


  • Focuses on the ‘skills behind the problem,' that sometimes get left behind in a rush to find the answer.
  • Concentrates on 'how' your pupils reach an answer, rather than what it actually is.
  • Through lively activities, 'We have a problem!' encourages your pupils to dissect word problems and see what they're really asking.
  • Fun characters and activities that really liven up a lesson with kung fu blobs and Mexican waves !
  • Turns an area of maths that pupils have traditionally found difficult and uninteresting into something completely different!
  • User-friendly with a varied collection of activities to suit your individual class interests and needs
  •  leads pupils to investigate and create their own problems


Author Paul Wrangles

Paul has over 9 years’ experience of teaching KS2 in England and Wales and runs the Sparky Teaching website for teachers. A firm believer in making learning interesting for pupils and helping develop sparky teachers, 'We have a problem!' came out of Paul’s desire to challenge pupils to think about how they reach answers and to liven up the teaching of a subject that can rarely be described as lively! 


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