Guided Reading Pick & Mix Downloads

All of Badger Learning’s Enjoy Guided Reading teacher resources are available chapter-by-chapter as downloadable eBook files. 

Pick and mix your very own bespoke collection matched to your school’s requirements and children’s book tastes! 


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Items 1-16 of 209

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Some of our teachers and schools appreciate flexibility when selecting pupil books for their classes and we appreciate this fully at Badger Learning. Our pick and mix option for selecting downloadable teacher notes (extracted chapters in PDF/ePub format) offers just this possibility.

Create Your Own Guided Reading Compilations

Perhaps you only need 4 sets of pupil books per class? Maybe you wish to choose books for a varying range of reading abilities in a particular year group? Or are in need of age-appropriate reading for mixed age classes? Maybe you want to choose specific authors or just 'pick and mix' across our collections?

Whether it's Myths and Legends, Jeremy Strong or Anne Fine titles you are looking for, there's a wealth of books for you to choose from, all with detailed teacher notes and PCMs.
Simply download your chosen teacher resource straight to your computer and order your matching pupil books (which will be delivered by post).

  • Buy 12 or more and receive an automatic 5% discount.
  • Buy 24 or more and receive an automatic 10% discount