Banded Reading Boxes

Badger Banded Reading Boxes contain ‘real’ books which have been levelled against the widely used colour banding levels in a ‘best-fit’ way.

These collections will help teachers to easily source books that meet the needs of individual pupils whilst bringing variety and breadth to children’s reading diets and helping children to get the most out of reading for pleasure.

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Items 1-16 of 66

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Primary School Banded Reading Books

Our best-selling range of banded reading books includes selections of real books that we consider to be levelled comparatively to the widely used colour banding levels for Reception and KS1 (Lilac to Lime) and the extended popular KS2 book bands (Brown to Black). The aim is to support children using colour banded scheme reading books, by offering variety and breadth to their reading experience through a choice of real books that they can read mostly by themselves. Being able to choose from a broader range of books often motivates children to read more, as they are able to find books that excite and engage them, making the reading miles fly by!

The colour bands are:

  • best-fit rather than rigorously fulfilling characteristics (because of the uncontrived way that real books are written) 
  • open to your further consideration and judgement

As well as the original best-selling Banded Reading Boxes covering book bands 1–11 (Pink to Lime), we are pleased to offer a further six levels in response to requests from teachers. Lilac book band level offers wordless books to encourage beginner readers to develop book knowledge and use visual literacy and language skills to aid reading development, in the way that popular schemes similarly start with wordless books. These bands progress from Reception through key stage 1 and on to Lime book band at the end of Year 2. KS2 book band levels, Brown, Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Black and Black+ continue to be extremely popular within schools and offer KS2 readers, right up to super-confident readers in Year 6, appropriately challenging books. These six extended levels provide additional steps in reading progression, giving KS2 children helpful support in selecting books that match their reading ability perfectly.

Our Reading Boxes offer schools the largest range of book banded real books. Seventeen levels are available as collections of two-colour bands, or in single colour packs. This is good for schools looking to focus on specific bands or wanting to start a banded library.

All collections are supplied with free colour band stickers, should you wish to use them, and savings of up to 15% off RRPs.

Banded Pick & Mix Option:

Most of the books in our Banded Reading Boxes are available to buy as individual copies, allowing you to select the levels and quantity of books needed for your classroom or to build Guided Reading packs of 6 books. Stickers are also available to purchase in packs for your banded library.

For a comprehensive price list of each available title please call +44 (0)1553 816083.