Rapid Plus

Developed in consultation with Dee Reid, co-author of Catch Up Literacy, Rapid Plus is a series of finely levelled books for SEN, EAL and struggling readers at Key Stage 3.

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Items 1-16 of 19

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Ways to Buy Rapid Plus 

Easy Buy Stage Packs — Ideal for departments who wish to purchase Rapid Plus stage by stage, Easy Buy Packs include six copies of each Reading Book and each Assessment Book (available for stages 3–9 only).

Easy Buy Starter Kits — Ideal for smaller SEN departments, the Easy Buy Starter Kits for stages 3–6, 7–9 and 10–12, include one copy of each of the Reading Books and each Assessment Book (available for stages 3–9 only), plus a Teaching Guide.

Complete Easy Buy Kits — Ideal for larger SEN departments, the Complete Easy Buy Kits for stages 3–6 and stages 7–9 include six copies of each of the Reading Books and each Assessment Book, plus a Teaching Guide.

Single Titles & Additional Copies —  If none of the Easy Buy options suit your needs or you can't find what you're looking for, then give us a call on 01553 816 082 or email info@badgerlearning.co.uk to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team for a solution.


Rapid Plus Reading Books Stages 3–9

The Rapid Plus Reading Books are carefully levelled to meet the exact needs of SEN and struggling readers at KS3.

  • Relevant content is matched to the interests of 11–14 year olds, helping them to stay switched on.
  • A wide range of genres and artwork styles keeps each stage fresh and interesting.
  •  A non-fiction section in each Reading Book is ideal for hooking in your readers and offers them a different reading experience.
  • ‘Before reading’ pages in every Reading Book introduce characters, plots and tricky words to help students succeed in their reading.

In each Rapid Plus Stage, the Reading Books are designed to include the optimal number of words per page, and per text, in line with Catch Up pedagogy. Each Stage matches the students’ reading abilities perfectly, ensuring they develop the right skills before moving to the next level.

Rapid Plus Stage Reading Age Catch Up Level Total number of words per text
Stage 3A 6.5 6 180
Stage 3B 220
Stage 4A 7 7 300
Stage 4B 350
Stage 5A 7.5 8 450
Stage 5B 525
Stage 6A 8 9 625
Stage 6B 700
Stage 7 8.5 10 800
Stage 8 9 11 1,000
Stage 9 9.5 12 1,150


Teacher and TA Support for Rapid Plus

The ‘pick up and go’ Rapid Plus Teaching Guides are designed to work for both specialists and non-specialists. Step-by-step, straightforward guidance is provided for both one-to-one and small group or mainstream class reading sessions.

  • A strong focus on comprehension skills throughout the Teaching Guides ensures students’ understanding is checked regularly.
  • Linked writing and follow-on work help busy teachers manage the full lesson effectively.
  • At Stages 7–9 a focus on broader English skills helps students to bridge the gap to mainstream classes.


Assessment Books for Rapid Plus

An Assessment Book for each Rapid Plus Stage contains two fiction stories to help teachers assess students’ progress, and address difficulties if necessary, before moving onto the next Stage.

  • The Assessment Books contain characters and vocabulary from the main Reading Books to assess students’ progress at that level.
  • Each Assessment Book is supported by an assessment record in the Teaching Guide that allows the teacher or TA to evaluate each students progress accurately.
  • Assessment Books check decoding skills, comprehension and spelling.


Rapid Plus Stages 10–12 for Older Readers

Rapid Plus stages 10–12 were developed to help your older KS3 struggling readers build their confidence and motivation to read. Rapid Plus stages 10–12 offers:

  • Engaging texts with mature topics and themes to appeal to older readers.
  • Accessible layout with a dyslexia-friendly font and colour scheme.
  • A diverse range of characters that all students can identify with.
  • Introduction pages, recap pages and quiz sections to help learners develop their comprehension skills and reading stamina.
Rapid Plus Stage Reading Age Total Number of Words — Fiction Total Number of Words — Non-fiction Total Number of Words — Per play
Stage 10 10 5,000 3,500 2,500
Stage 11 10.5 7,200 5,400 3,600
Stage 12 11 11,200 9,100 5,600