Whole Class Guided Reading

These carefully selected novels come in sets of 16 with downloadable teacher notes and transform the traditional Guided Reading session. 

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Items 1-16 of 60

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In most classrooms, Reading sessions will be delivered using the carousel system of rotating small groups around each day to spend one session at least with the teacher. Many schools and literacy professionals are looking into alternative ways of delivering Guided Reading and one system that stands out is Whole Class Guided Reading.

Whole Class Guided Reading sessions involve the class sharing a book together over several sessions a week and across the half term. Children of all abilities get to share the same novel but independent activities can be differentiated accordingly. The book is read mostly by the teacher, whilst the children follow, with opportunities for children to also read aloud. In theory, a move from the carousel to the whole class approach could see each child benefiting from increased teaching time as five out of five sessions are with an adult. This approach also benefits the teacher by greatly reducing the time spent planning.

Badger Learning’s Guided Reading expert and teacher, Karen Moncrieffe, has visited many schools delivering Whole Class Guided Reading, and in response has created a brand new Enjoy Whole Class Reading series. Very carefully selected novels for Years 5 and 6 are accompanied by optional downloadable teacher notes that plan every reading session, discussion and follow-up activity needed to easily adopt Whole Class reading in your school. All texts are age-appropriate with a level of challenge suitable for extending the understanding of pupils of varying abilities within a class.


Karen Moncrieffe“The exciting range of literature and the associated teacher notes provided in our Enjoy Whole Class Reading series will help your pupils achieve the foremost goals of the reading curriculum: to ensure that children read with confidence and understanding, and fundamentally, ‘to establish an appreciation and love of reading’.”
Karen Moncrieffe