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Chosen by a colleague's children (the best possible children's literature consultants in our opinion), the name Badger Learning was already synonymous with books by the turn of the new millennium, having become an established and experienced school book supplier. Then, in 2001, the company began a foray into the vast and colourful world of children's publishing, from which they would never emerge, though they didn't know it yet. And so, Badger Publishing was born.

The team began to produce educational resources in addition to compiling their already-popular book boxes, beginning with literacy activities and English comprehension. Badger has since gone on to publish everything from revision guides and exercise books to fact books and posters, with resources spanning all the core subjects. Not to mention an extensive range of hand-picked guided reading collections with teacher notes. But perhaps most notably, 2003 saw the publication of the first series of hi-lo* books for reluctant readers, a venture which would come to shape Badger's key philosophy.

Books to engage reluctant and struggling readers have been at the heart of the Badger brand for nearly 20 years. We employ a range of techniques across different series such as paragraph spacing, clear fonts, off-white paper, supporting illustrations, vocabulary pages, low word counts and simple yet effective language and sentence structure, all without compromising age-appropriate content. Our books cover fiction and non-fiction; some designed for primary-aged readers, and others for teenagers and young adults.

The demand for accessible fiction is increasing. Whether it's because our readers struggle with longer, more complex fiction or are simply disengaged from reading in general — it doesn't really matter. Our primary focus is to create good quality fiction that includes as many young people as possible. Whether you want a quick read that will be over in 20 minutes or whether reaching the end of a 32-page book is akin to climbing Everest, our books are for you.

Badger Publishing remains a small team. And though team members have changed and the brand has evolved with time (we all had to evolve from the 90s, let's be honest), our core philosophy remains the same. Inclusivity and accessibility.
We have expanded and grown our bookshelf over the years to create a portfolio we are proud to show you. We're excited to see where we'll go next, and hope you'll join us.

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