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Books to inspire reluctant and struggling readers.

"I recently purchased a set of Hi-Lo Fiction and Non-Fiction books for secondary school students. I wanted to promote the books, so invited three low ability classes in to view the books and spend time reading them. I created a review sheet for them to complete after they had finished reading each book. Every student said they enjoyed the books and the majority said they wanted to read more of them. One student wrote: "I'm not that good at reading but it inspired me to start reading again." One class enjoyed them so much that their teacher has now arranged for them to come to the library every week to read the books during lesson time. Today, I witnessed some previously reluctant readers curled up on chairs engrossed in their books. I just want to say a very big THANK YOU to Badger Learning for producing such wonderful books!" — Carolyn BarkerLearning Resource Centre Manager, The Elton High School

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Items 1-16 of 795

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Secondary Hi-Lo SEN Teaching Resources

Pupils with additional needs often require a selection of reading resources designed to help them to engage with their learning. Our books and eBooks employ a number of tactics, such as including a large amount of illustration, simple sentences and a wide variety of topics to ensure the pupils can find something they will enjoy. Our  SEN resources range from Dark Reads, which has a reading age of 6-7 but a very high interest age, to Teen Reads which are short novels for those who are either put off by long books, or who need controlled language so they don’t become disheartened.

Key Stage 3 & 4 SEN Resources for Reluctant Readers

With hundreds of titles to choose from, including WOW! Facts, a series of 70 carefully levelled non-fiction readers, there is bound to be something for even your most reluctant reader. To assist you in finding books at the appropriate level, we have listed all the Badger Learning series by reading age here.