Struggling or Reluctant Reader Books

Books to engage reluctant and struggling readers are at the heart of Badger Learning's publishing brand. We offer individual books and collections of specialised, highly-regarded primary school hi-lo books. These books, with high interest content at an easy reading level, are designed to appeal to children's maturity while ensuring accessibility through features such as dyslexia-friendly fonts, wider line and word spacing, and supportive illustrations. Provding books likely to give the most enjoyment and reading success not only offers immediate engagement but also leads towards the pleasure of reading more challenging books. 

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Items 1-16 of 580

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Reluctant reader books and series' are available in paperback or as downloadable eBook PDFs for children who may prefer a digital ‘way in’ to reading. There are hi-lo books available that are suitable for all learning styles and many of the published series' have teacher books that provide support and help save time on planning activities.
Some key features of our hi-lo series' are:
* Dyslexia-friendly line spacing
* Engaging, supportive illustrations
* A high ratio of pictures to words to maintain interest and encourage reading
* Age-appropriate stories and subjects, with the look and feel of a ‘real’ book
* Realistic amounts of text
* A variety of themes and genres to engage every reader
* Gripping, accessible stories
* Fascinating non-fiction subjects to engage young minds
* Many books include a vocabulary page and questions at the end of the book to aid comprehension
* Downloadable PDF versions

To assist you in finding books at the appropriate level, we have listed all the Badger Learning series by reading age here.