KS2 Phonics

Highly specialised decodable phonic-based reading books for older pupils who need to catch up. 

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Items 1-16 of 21

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Phonic Books — Catch Up Phonics for KS2

Phonic Books are specialists in writing and publishing books to help struggling older readers catch up with phonics and read with fluency and comprehension. These books aim to fill gaps in phonic skills that are a barrier to children's reading progress. For pupils who have experienced reading difficulities and failure, many of whom are struggling with self-esteem and confidence it is important to read books that are engaging and age-appropriate. The highly structured phonic sequence ensures reading success and confidence building from the start and includes:

  • Decodable text at every stage
  • Imaginative stories with appealing characters
  • Gradual use of high-frequency words
  • Reader friendy layouts with short chapters for reluctant readers
  • Vocabulary pages
  • Highly structured phonic progression

The Moon Dog, Magic Belt, Totem and Island Adventure series fit together as a progressive phonics programme, or can be purchased separately to meet your pupils' needs.

Project X Code – Oxford's exciting Phonics Intervention Programme

Project X CODE is an intervention programme for children in years 2–4. It allows children who are a year or more behind in their reading to catch up to the expected level for their age group. Project X CODE combines phonics and comprehension development in a character adventure series that is perfect for engaging the whole class.


This exciting 3D character series has been carefully designed to hook children in from the start and keep them wanting to read on. With several strands and 14 different entry and exit points, children can start and finish the intervention at a point which is right for them.