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ACE Science: Science Task with Learning Ladders: Physics Teacher Book + CD

Product Code: 978784640477

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Spiral Bound + CD £50.00

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ACE Science KS3 Science Tasks Biology

Including a range of milestone activities for blocks of knowledge, concepts and skills from the National Curriculum, the activities are designed to integrate seamlessly with schemes of work and include detailed guidance on an easy-to-follow assessment system, plus resources on how to introduce and develop ACE Learning Ladders within your science department.

The book includes:

  • Comprehensive teacher notes, with a PowerPoint presentation and student worksheets, designed to introduce the success criteria to students

  • Engaging tasks that support and challenge all students, providing opportunities for summative assessment and formative feedback

  • A PowerPoint presentation that introduces the task and provides a starter activity designed to be integrated into a VLE or used at the start of the task

  • Three differentiated, open-ended, assessable Badger Tasks to support Assessment for Learning (AfL) with student friendly ACE Learning Ladders

  • Three fully differentiated WebQuests with support resources for use in class, or as an independent learning task.

VLE Integration:

  • The ACE assessment tasks are accompanied by paper and digital support media, allowing them to be used in the classroom and integrated into your school’s VLE

  • The criteria assessed WebQuests can be accessed directly via the website or links can be added via your school’s VLE, allowing you to make all support resources independently available to your students  if required.


  • Three differentiated WebQuests to develop skills in independent research. All WebQuests with links are available via a password issued with purchased resources at for ease of use and accessibility

  • Topic areas have been chosen to ensure that areas prone to misconception in the KS3 curriculum are covered in detail, and students are presented with an engaging task through which they must evidence their understanding

  • Standard WebQuests will consolidate understanding of core areas of the KS3 curriculum

  • Challenge WebQuests will extend understanding of key scientific topics 

  • Ideal for homework or as part of your online independent learning strategy

  • Scaffolded research sheets and a synoptic criteria-assessed task

  • Learning Ladders using ACE criteria for teacher, self or peer assessment.


  1. Investigating Insulation
  2. Heat in the Kitchen
  3. What are Forces?
  4. Journey of Pram, Car or Submarine
  5. Investigating Turning Forces
  6. Bungee Testing
  7. Designing Ear Defenders
  8. Investigating Hearing with Age
  9. Light Effects
  10. How does a Torch work?
  11. Wiring a House
  12. Electromagnetic Strength
  13. Skateboard Surfaces
  14. Interplanetary Postcards

    ACE Learning WebQuests

  15. Electrifying
  16. I Spy with my Bionic Eye
  17. The Fool on the Hill

View sample pages of this title here.

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