Accelerated Reader(TM) Books By Level For Secondary Schools

Accelerated Reader is a web-based programme which motivates pupils to read books for fun. Pupils read a book and then sit a short computer-based quiz, from which an assessment report is generated. For further information visit

Quizzes are available for over 100,000 books, including over 350 titles from Badger’s hi-lo series. Click here to view the list. New titles are being quizzed all the time, and we update the list whenever new information comes through. 

We have five collections of Badger Learning Accelerated Learning Packs spanning AR Levels 1-6.4 (hi-lo books). Alongside this we are able to offer three further AR levelled Badger Reading Boxes of carefully selected books from a breadth of different publishers ('real' books). All of the Badger Reading Boxes collections include stickers containing Quiz numbers, Book Levels and Book Points information free of charge.

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Accelerated Reader Levels 5.0 - 6.0 (MY/UY)

Accelerated Reader Levels 5.0 - 6.0 (MY/UY)

Mixed Collection - £162.00


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