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  • Key Stage: 1
  • Year Group: 2
  • Format: Book Collection
  • Book Bands: Gold (Level 9)
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Banded Reading Scheme collections include colour-coded storage box, stickers and plastic jackets

All banded reading scheme collections include:

  • colour-coded storage boxes
  • free colour-coded stickers
  • free fitted protective jackets
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Mixed Scheme Non-Fiction: Gold

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Book Bands:
  • Gold Band

    Revive your Gold book band resources with a set of 12 non-fiction books from a range of leading educational publishers. Scheme books from Raintree, Oxford, Collins, Ransom and Rising Stars are mixed together to give pupils a range of styles and reading experiences. The books explore a whole range of fascinating subjects and topics including natural history, our bodies, sport, natural phenomenon, art and culture. Gold reading books will be more in depth, with longer sentences and unfamiliar vocabulary.

    Number Of Titles: 12
    Mixed Scheme Non-Fiction: Gold
    Mixed Scheme Non-Fiction: Gold
    Mixed Scheme Non-Fiction: Gold
    More Information
    Key Stage 1
    Year Group 2
    Format Book Collection
    Book Bands Gold (Level 9)