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  • Key Stage: 2
  • Year Group: 3
  • Format: Book Collection
  • Book Bands: Brown (Level 12)
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Banded Reading Scheme collections include colour-coded storage box, stickers and plastic jackets

All banded reading scheme collections include:

  • colour-coded storage boxes
  • free colour-coded stickers
  • free fitted protective jackets
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Brown Banded Scheme Box

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Book Bands:
  • Brown Band

    A mix of 35 reading books all levelled at Brown book band by the best publishers of popular school reading schemes including Engage Literacy and Oxford's Treetops inFact (non-fiction), Chucklers, Myths and Legends and Time Chronicles. An easy way to boost or build a book stock of real quality and variety. All books are covered with FREE PROTECTIVE JACKETS and delivered free of charge.

    Number Of Titles: 35
    Brown Banded Scheme Box
    Brown Banded Scheme Box
    Brown Banded Scheme Box