The Badger Book Awards are here! We’ve shortlisted 10 top titles for Years 7 to 11, all of which are must-have books for every secondary school library, but now it’s up to you to vote for the very best for each year group!

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Promote reading for pleasure by exposing your students to some first-class reads and encourage them to express their views and join in the fun by voting for the book they loved the most. Why not use our shortlist packs in book clubs? Or as part of library displays to encourage discussion? Or even write, tweet or follow the author of your favourite title to let them know you’re voting for them? We've also put together a set of free downloads which can be used in your library to help boost engagement.

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Voting is open to students and staff, and every entry gives your school a chance of winning £500 worth of books. The winning author of each category will also receive £500 worth of books to donate to the school of their choice.

These Best New book collections for years 7 to 11 represent the pinnacle of this year’s publishing for young adults and are an ideal way to refresh your library stock. We have read every book, page-for-page, taken note of any content with mature themes and assessed which year group the text fits into best. We also offer content guidance on request should you require it.

Voting has now closed

Winners will be announced 13th September 2023