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  • Author: Dave Lowe
  • Book Bands: Lime (Level 11)
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My Hamster is a Pirate

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  • Lime Band
    Nine-year-old Benjamin Jinks and his family are off for a holiday by the seaside, and his genius-hamster is coming with them. But the pair soon uncover the mystery of some stolen diamonds and set about trying to solve the crime. Can they find the jewels before the criminals get their hands on them once more?


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    My Hamster is a Pirate
    My Hamster is a Pirate
    My Hamster is a Pirate
    A summer holiday by the sea beckons for the Jinks family, and of course Ben is bringing Stinky, his genius of a hamster, along with him. But a trip to the local museum uncovers the mystery of long-lost stolen diamonds and a map. Does 'X' really mark the spot? And can Stinky and Ben find the hidden loot before the crooks track it down? The fifth in the acclaimed STINKY AND JINKS series has all the hallmark hilarity, warmth and exciting adventure that readers have come to expect from Dave Lowe.
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    Author Dave Lowe
    Book Bands Lime (Level 11)