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  • Key Stage: 2, 3
  • Format: Poster Set
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Science Greats Posters

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8 A3 posters featuring Science greats

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Science Greats Posters
Science Greats Posters
Science Greats Posters


  • Sir Isaac Newton — Mathematician & Physicist. Most famous for Theory of Universal Gravitation
  • Dame Jane Goodall — Naturalist. Most famous for her study of chimpanzee family life and
    society in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania
  • Sir David Attenborough — Naturalist & Broadcaster. Most famous for presenting many natural history
  • Charles Darwin — Naturalist. Most famous for his work on natural selection and evolution
  • Nicolaus Copernicus — Mathematician & Astronomer. Most famous for arguing that the Sun is at the centre of the Solar System
  • Carl Linnaeus — Botanist & Zoologist. Most famous for developing the scientific tool of taxonomy
  • Galileo Galilei — Physicist & Astronomer. Most famous for his controversial scientific opinions/discoveries of the universe
  • Mary Anning — Fossil collector. Most famous for her discovery of a complete ichthyosaurus
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Key Stage 2, 3
Format Poster Set