Stan Cullimore

Stan Cullimore Badger Learning AuthorStan started off as a musician, playing guitar and singing in a band that sold millions of records around the world, The Housemartins. Then he became a father and decided to start writing down the stories he told his children.

So far he has had over a hundred books published and still has lots of new (and often very silly) ideas bubbling up at all times of day and night. Just waiting to be written down as stories.

When he is not writing books, Stan enjoys writing and presenting children's TV shows. He also writes a regular column for his local newspaper. But he doesn't just stay at home writing all day - not at all. He spends as much time as possible taking his dog, Mabel, for lovely long walks in the country.

Luckily, Stan has four grandchildren who are often on hand to help out with looking after Mabel. This also means he has an in-house audience for his stories who are able to provide plenty of healthy criticism when necessary. All this should make sure that Stan keeps turning out good reads for another few years yet.

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