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  1. Spotlight on illustrator, Kev Hopgood!

    Posted on: Oct 29, 2013

    Kev Hopgood is a children's illustrator and comic book artist. He's worked on a wide variety of titles including 2000 AD, Games Workshop and Doctor Who. His most well-known work is Iron Man for Marvel comics, where he co-created the character War Machine.

    One project he is working on this year is The Colony by Tommy Donbavand, a graphic novel where genetically modified ants have turned the human race into slaves and, even worse, food! Written and illustrated for HiLo readers with an interest age of 11-13 years, a reading age of 7.5-8 years and with a word count of 500-750, girls and boys will be swarming to get their hands on this captivating book!

  2. What are the children running from?

    Posted on: Oct 24, 2013

    Written by author Jonny Zucker and illustrated by Pablo Gallego

    When all of the other kids start acting weirdly after school and then begin stealing stuff, Frank and Gail are totally bemused. But then they work out that every time a kid swipes their bus pass on the way home, they come under some weird power for half an hour and start nicking things.

    Will they be able to break the spell? Find out in Terror Swipe!

  3. Unicorns DO exist!

    Posted on: Oct 21, 2013

    Well they definitely come to life in this new gem of a graphic novel by Danny Pearson and Peter Richardson, entitled Pirate Unicorn.

    Hali, an intergalactic space pirate, has a special delivery to make here on Earth. He enlists the help of three earthlings to help him in his quest. But will he make it to a rock concert in time to deliver the package to the lead singer of the Iron Hands?

    Peter Richardson, an illustrator we have used for some of our previous Full Flight, Gems and Ignite I & II titles, yet again weaves his magic into this early cover concept and inside illustrative rough for the upcoming Pirate Unicorn.

  4. The Colony by Tommy Donbavand

    Posted on: Oct 18, 2013

    Genetically modified ants have turned the human race into slaves or, even worse, food. Those who haven't been bitten lead a sorry life - hiding in caves and scrabbling for food and water. But the end might be close as the location of the Queen Ant has been discovered, and a group of young volunteers have been dispatched to kill her.

    Illustrator Kevin Hopgood has started to sketch out rough artwork for the insides of this graphic novel and we think it's looking brilliant already! Forget Christmas, we're already excited to see the final full colour version due out in January!

  5. Nightmare of the Scarecrows

    Posted on: Oct 15, 2013

    There's something about inanimate objects coming to life that excites, scares and thrills adults and children alike, and this latest plot outline for a new graphic novel will not disappoint (see below)!

    The scarecrow competition is great fun until someone tampers with them, and the scarecrows are hard-wired to attack humans! It seems it's up to Josh and Will to save the day!

    Author Ian Macdonald and talented illustrator Mark Penman work together to create a fearsome graphic novel that will thrill even the most reluctant of readers!

  6. First cover for Kane Stryker, Cyber Agent!

    Posted on: Oct 09, 2013

    Late one night Finn's game console starts to go horribly wrong (he spills his fizzy drink over the console). It shoots out a ray of blue light that captures Finn and transports him back into Kane Stryker's world - only this time it's for real!

    Illustrator, Amit Tayal, injects a sense of action, fear and suspense in this initial cover idea for Roger Hurn's gripping graphic novel!

    Will Finn ever make it back to reality? Find out in January when our 6 graphic novels will be published!

  7. Such a fitting surname for an illustrator!

    Posted on: Oct 07, 2013

    Illustrator, Mark Penman, has given us a sneak preview into the early stages of his illustrative cover creations for The Head is Dead, before and after colour. The full colour and shading really bring to life the illustration, making the earlier 2D version 3D in an instant!

    When a practical joke goes wrong and kills the Head Teacher during detention - a trio of friends only have two options: own up to the accident and face their punishment, or use the contents of the science lab to bring the Head Teacher back to life before anyone finds out. Guess which one they choose...

  8. Titles Revealed!

    Posted on: Oct 04, 2013

    Following the recent announcement of our upcoming 6 Graphic Novels, Badger Learning is delighted to present the list of titles, authors and illustrators for you!

    Kane Stryker, Cyber Agent by Roger Hurn & Amit Tayal
    Nightmare of the Scarecrows by Ian MacDonald & Mark Penman
    The Head is Dead! by Tommy Donbavand & Mark Penman
    The Colony by Tommy Donbavand & Kevin Hopgood
    Pirate Unicorn by Danny Pearson & Peter Richardson
    Terror Swipe by Jonny Zucker & Pablo Gallego

    You'll probably recognise some of our favourite authors, as well as a new author for Badger Learning, Tommy Donbavand! Find out more about him on his author page!

  9. NEW Graphic Novels!

    Posted on: Oct 02, 2013

    Pencil in the launch date!

    Due to be published January 2014

    Reading Age 6-7
    Interest Age 11-13
    Word Count 500-750

    We've got doodles on the brain with news of our upcoming graphic novels! These new titles are far from sketchy, (we will stop with the puns soon, promise!), featuring amazing artwork and compelling stories. The combination of colour images and exciting plots will be more than enough to keep your high interest, low reading age students perusing for hours.

    To give you just a small taster of the big stories we have in store for your pupils, these titles will feature all kinds of fantastical scenarios, including living scarecrows, being transported into a video game and a demon school bus! In addition to these fast-paced adventures, we also have a graphic novel featuring a classic creature reworked and re-imagined like never before...

    Oh, we forgot to mention the story where genetically modified ants take over the world!


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