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  1. Dodgems and Dragons

    Dodgems and Dragons

    Posted on: Sep 22, 2015

    The latest instalment from Adventure Park involves travelling to a magical era with knights, princesses and kings. Just don't expect them to be polite.

    Emily, Jacob and Frank travel back to medieval times to ride Adventure Park's new Jousting Dodgems.

    But can they save Emily's grandfather from the greedy king? And will they escape a dangerous dragon attack?

    This gloriously surreal episode from our favourite theme park sees our heroes jousting with Dodgems, grappling with a fire-breathing monster and tasting every type of pie imaginable.

    As with the previous titles in this series, this book is aimed at struggling readers aged 9-12 with a lower reading age of 7-8. The light and humorous tone should draw readers into the Adventure Park world, however reluctant they usually are to read. We are confident that completing this book will encourage them to follow Emily, Jacob and Frank's amazing adventures across the whole series!

    The stories are provided

  2. TES Special educational needs show 2015

    TES Special educational needs show 2015

    Posted on: Sep 22, 2015

    It’s that time of year where the team at Badger Learning start to gear up for the October TES Special Educational Needs Show.

    As ever, the show last year was an enlightening experience; it was rewarding to spend so much time talking to industry professionals, showcasing our new publications and discussing new ideas and possibilities.

  3. Stuck fast

    Stuck fast

    Posted on: Sep 14, 2015

    Another villain rains on Shiverton's parade and creates a sticky situation for the unassuming residents. It looks like the work of crafty crook, Chuck Ingit-Down, whose speciality is to lace clouds with glue which creates big, gooey puddles on the ground below!

    Can Cole Day turn into Snow-Man in time to rescue the trapped residents before it's too late?

    This story is the latest humorous instalment in the 6 title Snow-Man series from author Tommy Donbavand and illustrator Steve Beckett. Aimed at reluctant readers, each book has been crafted so that it blends engaging illustrations with short, manageable paragraphs which will guide the reader from start to finish in a simple and enjoyable way.

    As with all the titles in this series, characters are introduced in a section at the beginning of the book and challenging vocabulary is highlighted in order to eliminate confusion and make the book easy to use. Questions are included at the end of the story to ensure the reader

  4. Series Announcement!

    Posted on: Sep 14, 2015

    Due to be published January 2016

    We're very excited to be able to announce a brand new Dark Reads series!

    Our first series aimed to fulfil a recognised need for very low level fiction for teenagers, and this new series is no different. We believe it is so important that nobody feels ostracised because of their reading ability. Reading should be an evolving and enjoyable process at all levels – always inspiring the confidence to move forwards.

    Our Dark Reads aim to grab the interest of teenage struggling readers with a reading age as low as six. The previous series was comprised of stories based on classic literature. This time, each story is inspired by a different Shakespeare play – with some very modern twists.

    Despite their short length, these books look 'real', including contemporary graphic illustrations and mature storylines. Each story, as the title 'Dark Reads' suggests, is eerie and gripping – perfect for teenage readers.

    We'll be revealing

  5. Monster munch

    Monster munch

    Posted on: Sep 07, 2015

    Emily, Jacob and Frank the hamster take a trip on the park's Ghost Train ride and discover it's eerily realistic!

    Adventure Park and its inhabitants are suddenly in danger of being taken over by a gang of ghosts and monsters so Emily comes up with a plan that might just halt their reign of terror!

    This humorous tale follows the trio as they embark on another spontaneous adventure albeit somewhat more risky than the last!

    Abby's illustrations add another dimension to Cavan's energetic story which essentially makes the story easier for a struggling reader to understand and interpret and the overall reading experience much more enjoyable.

    The cover alone is enough to tempt a young, inquisitive audience head first into the pages and the simple language and short sentences will put the reader at ease.

    A positively frightening page-turner!

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