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  1. It's not a Fair Game...

    It's not a Fair Game...

    Posted on: Dec 20, 2013

    In the year 2074 Billy was sent to prison for a computer crime. Although life on the Penal Colony was tough, it had one unexpected bonus: Billy was introduced to the pleasures of playing football. Real sport has died out on Earth and now sports are played virtually through simulators. No-one actually kicks a ball and hasn't for many years. The state sanctions this, approving of the lack of physical contact with its accompanying risks of injury and violence.

    Alan Durant has definitely scored a hit with Fair Game! Far from being just another book about the beautiful game, Alan tackles sensitive subjects such as poverty and addiction in a current, up-to-date way that readers will be able to interpret and relate to. Alan's use of short chapters with a powerful story line can inspire confidence in reluctant readers as they are able to easily flick ahead and see an end point. Short chapters also promote a regular sense of accomplishment and can actually make you want to read on.

  2. Win a signed illustration in our competition!

    Posted on: Dec 16, 2013

    Christmas is just around the corner and is a magical time for giving and goodwill. Here at Badger Learning, we like to give throughout the year (not just at Christmas!), and this coming January we have a special treat lined up for an avid graphic novel enthusiast!

    We will be giving away a framed illustration from Tommy Donbavand's graphic novel The Head Is Dead, signed by illustrator Mark Penman. There is also a surprise mystery gift up for grabs that Mark will commission especially for the lucky winner!

    Mark's unique illustrations effortlessly bring characters to life and you could have your very own Mark Penman print hanging on your wall in the New Year!

    For a chance to win these bespoke prizes visit our competitions page and answer one simple question! Competition now closed.

  3. Zucker Up!

    Zucker Up!

    Posted on: Dec 13, 2013

    It is 2053 – a future where the gap between the rich and poor is huge. The only people who are able to talk are the 'Overs' – rich men and women who own large parcels of land. The 'Unders' have one job in life: to farm the land and ensure that the Overs continue to live in luxury.

    The Unders have been forbidden to talk for many years so are unable to communicate, exactly as the Overs planned. However, Unders Tyler and Indigo have a secret weapon; taped voice recordings made by their Grandfather. Dare they risk the death penalty and use the tapes to teach other Unders how to talk? How else will they ever have a chance to escape this dystopian regime?

    World Without Words is a futuristic thriller from award-winning author Jonny Zucker. Jonny has written over 40 books for Badger Learning and always manages to balance the interest age versus reading age just right. Maybe working as a primary school teacher for 8 years has given Jonny an insight in to what best engages and excites

  4. Easy Money!

    Easy Money!

    Posted on: Dec 09, 2013

    Desperate times call for desperate measures in Tommy Donbavand's mysterious thriller, Kidnap.

    A financially stricken single mother and her son, Jon, are at rock bottom when they receive an offer from a stranger and the chance to change their fortunes. Reluctantly, the pair agree to an absurd and potentially dangerous task and the plot thickens when things don't go exactly to plan...

    We can't wait to find out how in January!

  5. Unicorn? Pirate? Space?

    Posted on: Dec 05, 2013

    Illustrator Peter Richardson has been busy bringing Space Pirate Unicorn to life. We love how a simple pencil sketch is transformed using just a few cleverly chosen colours!

    Reading graphic novels forces readers to think and become actively involved each time they move between one picture panel and the next. What's happening in that space? How do the story and the characters get from one panel to the next?

    Analysing graphic novels also helps children and teens learn the ins and outs of visual literacy, better preparing them to deal with the media they encounter every day.
    In Danny Pearson's graphic novel, Hali, the Space Pirate Unicorn (of course, what else?!) is in a race to deliver a package to a rock concert with the help of 3 earthlings.
    Traditionally unicorns are portrayed as mythical, majestic creatures who appeal to girls but Danny has cleverly reinvented them into grungy rocking space pirates that both sexes will appreciate!

  6. Race against time...

    Race against time...

    Posted on: Dec 04, 2013

    He might only be 14 and in a wheelchair, but Lee's sure of one thing – he must never become a sitting target. Not now they are after him...

    Suddenly caught up in a world of strangers and spies, it's a race against the clock as Lee sees no other option but to complete a daunting task.

    Sitting Target by John Townsend will engage and excite your reluctant readers in the secret and disturbing world of international espionage.

  7. The Hunted by Cavan Scott

    The Hunted by Cavan Scott

    Posted on: Dec 02, 2013

    Walking home from youth club, Sally is grabbed by Tyler, a new boy she's only seen a couple of times before. He is with Billy, a slightly younger kid – and they're in trouble. A group of men are hunting them down. Can she hide them?

    We love Cavan Scott's fast-paced thriller where everything is not as it seems. By trying to help her peers, Sally becomes entangled in a war between the hunters and the hunted without really knowing which side is which.

    Cavan's tense but age-appropriate content will appeal to teen students and with a word count between 4,500 and 6,000, The Hunted is perfect for those reluctant readers who are usually put off reading due to lengthy books.

    To discover Cavan's inspiration behind the themes of his stories, take a visit to his author page here.

  8. Paper Book or eBook? Which is the Better Educational Resource?

    Paper Book or eBook? Which is the Better Educational Resource?

    Posted on: Dec 02, 2013

    There is no denying it, eBooks are fantastic resources of information that help teachers, students and casual readers alike access literature quickly and easily. The ability to retrieve almost any piece of material at the click of a button has delivered a fresh and innovative approach to education; providing both teachers and students with a more modern avenue to learn. But with the popularity of this medium increasing rapidly, will it one day replace actual paper books in the classroom? Many traditionalists would argue strongly against it, whilst the youth of today may welcome this change with open arms. Let’s take a look at the contrasting arguments…

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