We appreciate that you will probably have much better things to do than read this right now. You'll be focussing on the immediate needs of your pupils and their families, as well as reeling from the changing situation as we all are.

Badger Learning have been supporting teachers and inspiring children for 30 years, and we truly hope to continue supporting you for many more. We whole-heartedly believe that reading is a vital life skill, and we know children that read for pleasure do better in life, have better mental health and bigger aspirations. The ability to escape into a different world full of magic and wonder is certainly one of the coping mechanisms we’re using right now, as well as reminding us that we are not alone.

When things do settle down a bit, and they will, we wanted to let you know we are still here. Our office staff are moving to home working and this will help to allow our warehouse team more space to spread out and use social distancing strategies. We also continue to use the strict hygiene regimes we've been implementing for the past few weeks.

In the meantime we are considering how we might work to support pupils in home-based learning, and at ideas for supporting school librarians to work with pupils at a distance.

Our phone lines are still open with the customer service team ready to advise if you have any questions.

Thank you for all you do. Stay safe and keep strong,

The Badger Learning Team