The new kid at school is not like anyone Kat has met before. Raven is 'gender-fluid'. Not a boy. Or a girl. But kind of both - sometimes... sort of...

The new kid, Raven, refuses to be defined as a boy or a girl. When the teacher splits the class by gender, Raven sometimes sits with the boys and at other times with the girls.

At first the class are fascinated. But people like labels. Boy? Girl? Blue? Pink? People have a tendency to put others in boxes, to make people fit into one category or another. Do you need to make a choice? Does anyone have a right to know? You decide.

Kat had always been the invisible one; teachers forgot her name. Raven made heads turn on walking into a room. Suddenly Kat stopped feeling invisible. Raven joined her at lunchtime and they partnered up in class. Kat was certain that with Raven in town things were not going to be boring.

However, things start to get complicated. Curiosity turns to hostility, with the rumour mill going