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  1. Worlds Apart

    Worlds Apart

    Posted on: Mar 30, 2014

    Teenage neighbours Joe and Sarah don't normally get on, but strange happenings in their street force them to at least talk to each other. Amidst controversial fracking going on beneath their town's historic woodland, there have been strange disappearances - even deaths - as well as dead-of-night sightings of hideous, fabled creatures. Can Joe and Sarah discover what they are, and where they're coming from, before it's too late?

    Terrifying and suspenseful enough to keep reluctant readers gripped right to the end, Simon Cheshire has hit the mark with this ALL NEW Teen Read.

    And, as if the idea of an army of monsters wasn't scary enough, Simon has made a late title change and scaled up the horror. What was simply Underground is now Underworld, and we can only imagine the implications...

  2. The missing piece?

    The missing piece?

    Posted on: Mar 28, 2014

    The Jigsaw Lady is an old woman who lives in an old house in Langham's Park. She lives alone, doesn't speak to anyone and everyone in school says she's a witch.

    Ricky and Davey decide that Billy should properly become part of their gang, by performing an initiation – to go to the Jigsaw Lady's house that night with them. Will the school boys' actions prove fatal and have they underestimated the lure of the Jigsaw Lady?

    Tony Lee joins the Teen Reads family with a powerful, dark tale of peer pressure and gang culture that readers will be able to associate with. To find out more about Tony, including what inspired him to write for reluctant readers, head over to his author page here.

    The word count of 4,500-6,000 gives the versatility of being a quick read for some students and a more challenging read for others while the reading age of 7-8 years and interest age of 12-15 years ensures that it is accessible for reluctant readers.

  3. Badger Learning in What Kids Are Reading Report

    Badger Learning in What Kids Are Reading Report

    Posted on: Mar 27, 2014

    Badger Learning is extremely pleased to announce we are once again present on multiple occasions within this year’s What Kids Are Reading report, compiled by Accelerated Reader – Renaissance Learning. The annual report is in its sixth year and is assembled using reading data from 2,106 schools and over 420,000 British students. These school children have read and been quizzed on over 6.5million books, amounting to over 77 billion words in total. All of us here at Badger Learning are extremely proud to have our own publications amongst this impressive list of titles.

  4. Badger Learning at The Education Show

    Badger Learning at The Education Show

    Posted on: Mar 20, 2014

    The Education Show is an annual event and is the UK’s leading training and resources event for those involved in education.

    This year’s Education Show promises to be of great interest to educational establishments of all types, with the educational system in the UK undergoing its significant period of change.  Be it the growth in free schools and academies, reforms in examinations and Ofsted, and the introduction of a new National Curriculum, minds are surely to be centred on what assistance and solutions are available to teachers and leaders; to advise, provide and aid in the implementation of those changes.

  5. Teen Reads II Titles Revealed

    Posted on: Mar 13, 2014

    Just to whet your appetites, here is a first look at the 10 new Teen Reads titles (all subject to change at this early phase)...

    Billy Button by Cavan Scott
    Pest Control by Cavan Scott
    Ward 13 by Tommy Donbavand
    Dead Scared by Tommy Donbavand
    Deadly Mission by Mark Wright
    Underground by Simon Cheshire
    Troll by Tim Collins
    Dawn of the Daves by Tim Collins
    Jigsaw Lady by Tony Lee
    Stalker by Tony Lee

    These Young Adult titles will include elements of action/adventure, supernatural beings/events, science-fiction, fantasy, horror and humour, cleverly woven into stories set in familiar surroundings, due for publication in May 2014.

  6. Series Announcement: Teen Reads II

    Posted on: Mar 11, 2014

    We are very excited to be able to tell you that we are in the early stages of planning our second gripping Teen Reads collection!

    Series one has proved more popular than ever with the age-appropriate content inspiring readers of all abilities and due to the demand for more, we will be offering you 10 more thrilling stories in Teen Reads II! Hair-raising escapades will engage students with a reading age of 7-8 years and an interest age of 12-15 years.

    Check back regularly to join us on this exciting journey from concept to completion, with author interviews and sneak peeks at cover artwork as well as plot previews!

Blog Posts: 1–11 of 6