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  1. Sliced and Diced

    Sliced and Diced

    Posted on: Apr 25, 2014

    Fourteen year old Mark Jackson has broken his leg - but that's the least of his worries.  Lying in a hospital bed, waiting for an operation on his shattered bone, he begins to realise that several of his fellow patients have not returned from their own trips to surgery. Patients with no-one to visit them in the evenings, or miss them should they vanish without trace. Patients just like Mark, in fact...

    Not for the faint-hearted, Tommy Donbavand has written a tale that will chill its readers to the bone. Each chapter becomes another step in a terrifying journey, making you feel unsure if you even want to reach the end, but too scared to look away. Here at Badger, we think our reluctant readers will be too absorbed in the story to realize how much they've read, until they've finished!

  2. Peer Pressure

    Peer Pressure

    Posted on: Apr 23, 2014

    Andy and Sarah think there's something strange about Dave, but everyone else in school loves him. They all start dressing like him, acting like him and going to his weird club. So when Andy and Sarah discover the shocking truth about Dave, there's no one to help.

    They'll have to confront him alone...

    This is the second Teen Read from our newest recruit, Tim Collins, and he makes it look easy! He weaves horror together with humour and uses accessible wording, carefully matched to our trademark low reading, high interest level.

    Dawn of the Daves has all the elements of a great supernatural teen drama, complete with a fearless heroine and a school that soaks up danger like a sponge. We loved it. Hope you will too.

  3. The Whites look after themselves

    The Whites look after themselves

    Posted on: Apr 16, 2014

    Pest Control is Cavan Scott's second title for Badger's Teen Reads II series and it will definitely make your skin crawl!

    Alice's Dad is acting strange and his condition is worsening by the day. Alice is desperate to seek help for him but since her mum left them, her Dad has refused to ask anyone for anything.  Events soon reach a devastating climax and Alice is left confused over her Dad's actions.  Only that's the least of her problems...

    Yet again, Cavan captures the imagination of a teenage audience using a sinister storyline and delivers it with a word count of 4500–6000, perfect to encourage confidence in less able readers.

  4. Cry Baby

    Cry Baby

    Posted on: Apr 14, 2014

    Someone is watching Aashif Rahmed. They know his secrets. They follow him, sending him photos of what they see. They hack his phone and send messages to people he never wrote. Do they want to be his friend, or do they want to hurt him? Can he find out who his stalker is before his reputation, his friendships and his life is destroyed?

    Tony Lee's second offering, Stalker, will take you on a journey filled with twists and turns and it is up to the reader to decide where the line blurs between modern day life and illusion. A positive page-turner of a book, this gripping story will entice and engage with even the most reluctant of readers!



    Posted on: Apr 10, 2014

    Hildy, Luca and Ryan leave school, not a care in the world, heading for Hildy's house as they usually do to do homework, listen to music and hang out. When Hildy empties her bag, she finds a mysterious package. In the package is a small electronic component and a map grid reference with the word: URGENT written on the paper. What on earth is it? The three children are very confused. Maybe they should take it to the police?

    Mark Wright's Teen Read, Deadly Mission, has been crafted for an audience with a reading age of 7-8 years and an interest age of 12-15 years, using carefully controlled vocabulary and shorter paragraphs and sentences.

    The main protagonists face some difficult decisions in this dark yet exciting tale, and it soon becomes apparent that they may have unwittingly become entangled in an adult mission and are somehow now the hunted ones...

  6. Welcome Mr Collins!

    Welcome Mr Collins!

    Posted on: Apr 08, 2014

    Alice is upset when she starts to get abusive comments on her Facebook page from someone she doesn't know. She blocks him, but the abuse continues on email and text so she asks her computer-savvy friend Chris to help her trace the mysterious person. But should they have taken matters into their own hands?

    Author Tim Collins joins the Teen Reads family with this creepy tale which features a mind-reading beast that uses his victim's inner most fears to terrorise them. The police are of no help to the children and when the monster turns up at their school, Alice and Chris must close their minds to stand any chance of defeating their tormentor!

    Tim has incorporated a mythical foe into a familiar school setting and utilised the growing trend of social media in order to merge fantasy with everyday life that reluctant readers can identify with, and then lose themselves in! His use of short chapters makes the reader forget the physical experience of holding a book and instead draws

  7. Be careful what you wish for...

    Be careful what you wish for...

    Posted on: Apr 04, 2014

    15 year old Toby Manford watched his mum die of cancer, sitting by her hospital bed day after day until the last breath left her body.

    At her wake, Toby lashes out at his mum's arrogant step-brother, but a mysterious stranger pulls Toby away from the argument into a quiet corner. He tells Toby he can bring his mother back from the dead. He produces a piece of yellowing parchment and explains that Toby need only sign this contract, and his mum will be back with him in full health - as though nothing had ever happened.

    The catch? Toby has to nominate someone to take her place.  Someone who will occupy her grave for all eternity...

    Tommy Donbavand touched our hearts in the last Teen Reads series when he created a unique combination of sadness and suspense in his acclaimed story
    Home. Here at Badger, we can't wait to see if he can do it again with this haunting tale, centered around the difficult subject of bereavement... with a twist.

  8. Remember me?

    Remember me?

    Posted on: Apr 02, 2014

    He rushes into the class, but now no-one can seem to even see or hear him. He tries to make a noise, knocking books off desks but his hands pass through them. He can't touch anything.

    When Liam Chase's forgotten imaginary childhood friend pays him an unexpected visit, his world is turned upside down. It becomes obvious that he is not happy about Liam's lack of thought for him over the years as sinister circumstances begin to unfold at school and at home. How can Liam make everyone see what's really happening before it's too late?

    Teen Reads' favourite Cavan Scott returns with a twisted tale for reluctant readers that will send shivers up your spine. Cavan wrote two titles for Badger Learning's first Teen Reads series and is back for more, his passion for encouraging less able readers as evident as ever. You can find out more about Cavan and what inspires his writing by visiting his author page here.

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