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  1. Grief at the Globe

    Grief at the Globe

    Posted on: Mar 23, 2017

    Dr Dire is out, and Spike and Mia have decided to take the initiative and squeezed through Igor's shiny new cat flap (just!) to prevent Dr Dire's next misadventure back in time.

    But has Spike inadvertently provided Dr Dire's next time trek trophy idea? Can Spike and Mia stop the theft of the next artefact from the Globe Theatre? Who will they meet during their quest?

    Grief at the Globe is one of eight titles that comprise the new Time Trek series written by Tommy Donbavand. Written for reluctant readers aged 9-12, who have a reading age of 7-8, Grief at the Globe provides another scintillating trip back in time to the Globe Theatre where William Shakespeare famously presented his plays.

    With only 32 pages, spaced out paragraphs, a practical word count and an engaging storyline, reluctant readers won't find this an intimidating read. The main characters - Spike & Mia - are realistic and sure to appeal, and the colourful illustrations – by Steve Beckett - will entice and capture the imagination of any reluctant reader.

    Once hooked on this title, ye pupiles are bounde to wante more from the Time Trek series.

  2. New title Ahoy!...

    New title Ahoy!...

    Posted on: Mar 15, 2017

    Spike and Mia are casually enjoying a boat ride and picnic in their local park when all of a sudden, shiver me timbers, Spike's Uncle, the dastardly Dr Darius Dire, appears and activates The Gizmo to travel back in time to steal something. But what booty can he be after this time?

    Spike and Mia don't hesitate and jump into the swirling vortex to try and stop him. It's all hands on deck as Spike and Mia are mistaken for stowaways, but can they stop Dr Dire from stealing the item he's after?

    Skirmish at Sea is one of eight titles in Tommy Donbavand's new series, Time Trek. It will captivate the most reluctant of reader with its ingenious plot and reward them with fantastic, full colour illustrations by Steve Beckett.

    Written specifically for 9-12 year olds who have a reading age of 7-8, Skirmish at Sea features simple yet punchy sentence structures, spaced out paragraphs and a realistic word count of 1300-1400.

    This title, along with the other seven, will undoubtedly be an asset to your resources and entice your reluctant readers into the time travelling world of Spike and Mia.

    So Ahoy! What ye waiting for, get your sea legs on for a fast paced, humorous story that your children, and you, will love!

  3. Emergency for England

    Emergency for England

    Posted on: Mar 06, 2017

    Have you ever wondered how Princess Elizabeth celebrates her birthday? Does she have a party? Does she play games? Well, take a trip back in time with Spike and Mia to find out…

    It’s Spikes birthday and Mia has accidently sent his present to his Uncle’s house. For most families this would be fine, but Spikes Uncle is Dr Darius Dire, a shifty scientist who travels back in time to try and steal artefacts for his collection.

    The trouble with stealing things from the past is that it changes the present, and may even destroy the future.

    But where in time is he going, and what is he after?

    Emergency for England is one of eight titles in Tommy Donbavand’s new series, Time Trek. The series follows the adventures of Spike and Mia, as they endeavour to stop Spike’s Uncle, Dr Dire, from stealing artefacts from famous historical figures.

    With a word count of 1300-1400 and a reading age of 7-8, Emergency for England is accessible to reluctant readers aged 9-12. Featuring simple yet punchy sentence structures, full colour illustrations and humorous light-hearted storylines, Emergency for England, and the other seven titles, will capture your pupils’ imaginations and give them an introduction to famous historical figures.

    The vibrant illustrations skilfully drawn by Steve Beckett compliment the fantastic, inventive storylines and bring them to life. This captivating series will be on and off your shelves as fast as The Gizmo can send people through time.

    Come back next week to read our blog on one of the other titles of the series!

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