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  1. Mystery and Mayhem on the Doorstep!

    Mystery and Mayhem on the Doorstep!

    Posted on: Oct 31, 2016

    Logan, Eva and Otis are used to strange goings on in their town but now their neighbour Dave is on their radar. They can't help but notice how much he eats, however this time it's the contents of Dave's garage that has caught their attention, in particular a large, ancient hammer.

    It's Hammer Time!

    The Strange Town crew soon learn that Dave is not what he seems, the hammer bears a striking resemblance to the one owned by Thor, the Ancient Norse God of thunder and lightning.

    Could Thor be living next door?

    Dave is in fact none other than Thor and is stranded on earth as a result of his lazy ways. To lift the hammer and return home he has to get fit and do something heroic.

    Can they get him back home or will it end in disaster for this lapsed god? Read Thor Next Door to find out if the Strange Town Crew can save the day!

    Discover more exciting goings on around Strange Town in the other seven stories penned by witty author Danny Pearson with

  2. Introducing: Keeper by Ann Evans

    Introducing: Keeper by Ann Evans

    Posted on: Oct 20, 2016

    Keeper is the latest title from award-winning author Ann Evans who has written 25 books, including novels for Badger Learning's popular Teen Reads and Dark Reads series.

    This gripping novel from our Young Adult (YA) Reads series tells of sinister goings on.

    There is a killer on the loose. Something is killing the sheep on Robyn's Uncle's Farm and eating them. He blames the new people who keep rare animals, one being a ferocious Black Panther. Sheena the keeper says it can't escape. But is she hiding a deadly secret?

    Who or what is the killer? To find out read Keeper...

    Our YA Reads are ideal for reluctant readers aged 14-18 and focus on mature themes with stories that resonate with teenagers and young adults. Each novel is around 5,000-6,000 words in length with bite-sized chunks of text, making the stories accessible and suited to those with a reading age as low as eight. The varied content and fast paced stories make this series a must-read for your students.

  3. Why are pirates called pirates?

    Posted on: Oct 18, 2016

    Comprehension activities for children can be activities they just have to work through.  Solid, worthy, laudable.

    Or they can be so exciting, dynamic and enjoyable that they are the first thing they tell their parents about as they leave school.

  4. Is it a bird? A plane? No, It's a KITTEN!

    Is it a bird? A plane? No, It's a KITTEN!

    Posted on: Oct 17, 2016

    If you want to provide your pupils with fantastically funny fiction to capture their imaginations and entice them to read, then Strange Town is exactly the series you need!

    The Space Kitten, written by Danny Pearson, will have your pupils, and you, laughing out loud! With hilarious one-liners that children aged 9-11 will absolutely love, you can guarantee that once they have read one title, they will read all eight!

    No one cares about the space programme anymore. NASA are desperate to get people interested again so they hatch an ingenious plan to send a cute kitten into space. That will get the public interested again!

    Unfortunately the mission goes horribly wrong and the rocket ship containing the kitten is hit by cosmic rays. The kitten is mutated and sent crashing back down to Earth, right slap bang in the middle of Strange Town. Can Eva, Logan and Otis calm this mad kitty down before it destroys everything?

    The amazing, full colour illustrations by Steve

  5. Was he my boyfriend?

    Was he my boyfriend?

    Posted on: Oct 12, 2016

    Award winning writer Tim Collins has written an intriguing story for our first ever series of YA Reads. With a reading age of 8-9, Delete, tells us a story about Ryan, a gay teenager who hasn't told anyone outside his family that he is gay. But if no one else knows then why is someone named Adam claiming to be his ex-boyfriend? Why does he have a selfie of the two of them together that was taken in HIS bedroom?

    Delete, follows Ryan in his quest to discover who Adam is, and why he can't remember him.

    With the look and feel of a real book coupled with bite-sized chunks of text printed on off-white paper, Delete is accessible to struggling readers aged 14-18.

    All the titles in our new YA Reads have mature themes and feature between 5,000 to 6,000 words which equates to approximately 50 pages.

    Delete is one of eight fantastic titles under our new YA Reads series, created by our talented authors, to engage and include young adults, the series features diverse

  6. The Strange Town Crew Grin and BEAR it!

    The Strange Town Crew Grin and BEAR it!

    Posted on: Oct 09, 2016

    Bears are not a familiar sight in Strange Town, so imagine how surprised Logan and Eva are when they spot what looks remarkably like one rummaging through their bins.

    Or is it a bear????

    It turns out to be none other than the legendary Bigfoot, on the run from a tracking squad. Can Logan, Eva and Otis save him from his fate? Help this affable beast avoid capture and the possibility of incarceration in a cage; to which a Bigfoot will certainly not be well-suited. Can this ingenious crew race against time to rescue their big footed friend?

    Read Bigfoot Rescue to find out...

    Bigfoot Rescue is one of eight seriously good sleuth stories from our NEW Strange Town series, following the adventures of Eva, Logan and his dog, Otis, as they uncover strange goings on in their home town of Strange. This new series with its humorous and light-hearted storylines is guaranteed to ignite your pupil's imagination. Whilst the dyslexia-friendly font and spaced out paragraphs,

  7. Coming Soon To a Strange Town Near You

    Coming Soon To a Strange Town Near You

    Posted on: Oct 04, 2016

    Our exciting new fiction series Strange Town will be available from January 2017! However, over the next few weeks you can get the lowdown on the stories right here on our blog.

    The eight books follow the bizarre adventures of Logan, whose family move to the remote town of Strange, and his new neighbour Eva. The eleven year old friends along with Logan's dog, Otis, are the Strange Town Squad.

    Introducing the Strange Town Squad
    This detective crew are always on the lookout for strange happenings.


    Logan: Really into comics and films
    Eva: Always looking for a good mystery to solve
    Otis: Loves walks ... and ... food

    Strange Town is appropriate for those with a reading age as low as 7-8, but a higher interest age of 9-12. Penned by expert author Danny Pearson, and featuring fabulous illustrations by Steve Beckett.

    With simple yet punchy sentence structures, full page vibrant colour illustrations and humorous themes, this

  8. Coming January 2017...

    Posted on: Oct 04, 2016

    Following the popularity of our five Teen Reads series, we are incredibly excited to announce that this January we are publishing our first series of Young Adult titles specifically for reluctant readers.

    Although there are many YA titles on the market today, we believe there is still a need for less able readers. We relish the opportunity of providing your pupils relevant accessible and captivating novels with a mature theme.

    All eight titles have been written by successful, skilled authors who have developed a formidable reputation in writing books for struggling readers. With a reading age of 8-9 and a word count of 5,000-6,000, our new series of YA titles will prove to be an asset to your library and will enjoyed by both teenage girls and boys alike.

    Below is a sneaky peek of the upcoming titles and authors!

    S/HE by Catherine Bruton
    In the Stars by Echo Freer
    Kill Order by Daniel Blythe
    Delete by Tim Collins
    Paradise by Tim Collins

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