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  1. Chaos in Camelot

    Chaos in Camelot

    Posted on: Feb 27, 2017

    There really is Chaos in Camelot when Dr Dire travels back in time to try and steal a famous sword. But what can Spike, Mia, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table do to stop him from getting Excalibur?

    Reluctant readers all over the land will love the creative way Tommy Donbavand incorporates history into these humorous stories. Time Trek follows the adventures of Spike and Mia as they do their best to stop Spike's Uncle, Dr Dire, from stealing precious artefacts from famous historical figures.

    The series consists of eight titles which have been specifically written to be accessible to 9-12 year olds who have a reading age of 7-8. They feature a dyslexia friendly font, bite-sized chunks of text and a quiz at the back of the book to aid comprehension.

    The eye catching, vibrant illustrations by Steve Beckett really help to bring these stories alive and will ignite your pupils' imaginations and reward them for their efforts.

    The full series is available

  2. Nightmare Near the Nile

    Nightmare Near the Nile

    Posted on: Feb 20, 2017

    Dr Darius Dire is planning to add a new exhibit to his Museum of History, but what is it? And more to the point, what period of time is it from?

    Spike and Mia are on the way to school when they see the announcement on the side of the bus, but they can't sit back and do nothing while Spikes Uncle, Dr Dire, travels back in time to steal priceless artefacts for his museum, can they?

    Time Trek, written by comic author Tommy Donbavand, will captivate and amuse your pupils whilst introducing them to famous historical figures. Nightmare Near the Nile takes our time travelling duo to Egypt where they meet the Queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra.

    What will happen when Spike and Mia are discovered? Why were they, along with other children, milking donkeys?

    With an interest age of 9-12 and a reading age of 7-8, Nightmare Near the Nile will capture your reluctant readers' attention with the fast paced, humorous plots, and reward them with vibrant colour illustrations by

  3. Rampage through Rome

    Rampage through Rome

    Posted on: Feb 13, 2017

    Part of the exciting reluctant reader Time Trek book series, Rampage Through Rome continues the adventures of Spike and Mia in their battle to prevent Dr Darius Dire stealing artefacts from famous historical figures.

    As Spike is Dr Darius Dire's nephew preventing the end of the universe is a family affair, although his trusted sidekick Mia is along to help.

    As a high interest, low ability reading series this roller coaster ride through Rome will engage readers with reading ages as low as 7-9 but also appeal to reader's interest for ages 9–12.

    With a key in cat litter (yuck!), a purple and yellow vortex (wow!), Julius Caesar and wreath of nettles (what?) time travel has never been so exciting.

    Rampage through Rome has colourful and appealing illustrations, strong descriptive text to inspire reader's imagination, and a storyline that will leave the reader wanting more. As an additional teaching resource, there is also a quiz to measure and help develop pupil

  4. Time Trek – Coming soon

    Posted on: Feb 03, 2017

    ravel through time and into the future - May 2017 to be precise, when you can treat your pupils to Tommy Donbavand's fantastic new series, Time Trek!

    Time Trek consists of eight titles and follows the bizarre and comical adventures of Spike and Mia. These eleven year old friends take it upon themselves to try and stop Spike's uncle, Dr Darius Dire, from stealing artefacts from famous historical figures through time.

    The time travelling duo, along with Dr Dire's cat, Igor, meet famous historical figures including Julius Caesar, Napoleon and the Bard himself, William Shakespeare. What can the artefacts be that Dr Dire is trying to steal?

    These humorous and light-hearted stories have an age-appropriate look and feel with realistic amounts of text; making them accessible to reluctant readers aged 9-12 with a lower reading ability of 7-8. All eight titles feature a general introduction at the start and a page introducing the characters to enable each book to be read as

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