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  1. The Sweet Trail Mystery by Ian MacDonald

    The Sweet Trail Mystery by Ian MacDonald

    Posted on: Aug 30, 2013

    Something suspicious is happening in the seaside town of Rockpool and it's turning the residents pretty sour...

    Three children band together to discover the mystery behind burglaries and disappearing sweets and get a lot more than they bargained for!

    As the trail unravels, Millie, Jade and Sami discover the culprits and find the chief perpetrator was a lot closer to home than they realised...

    Will Rockpool get is rock back? Or will the Tower chase be the end of the three young detectives?

  2. Ahoy there me hearties!

    Ahoy there me hearties!

    Posted on: Aug 26, 2013

    Feast your eyes on these nuggets of treasure, fresh from the creative landlubbers bringing Roger Hurn's swashbuckling tale of the pirates on Skull Island to life.

    Illustrator, Anthony Williams, has given us unique access into his artistic treasure trove where we can see the early stages of his illustrative creations before and after colour. You even get a sneak preview of how it may look on the page and of Chapter 4: A Treasure Hunt! What will Josh discover on Skull Island? Find out in September when 'Blackbeard's Treasure' is published as part of our new Ignite 2 series for reluctant readers!

  3. The Princess and the Knight by Helen Orme

    The Princess and the Knight by Helen Orme

    Posted on: Aug 23, 2013

    Annalise is fed up of being locked in the castle, watching knights battle and protect the kingdom. One day, she convinces a knight to release her to explore the land.

    All of a sudden, they are attacked by a fearsome dragon! Will he burn Annalise and the knight to a crisp? Or will they fight the beast and win?

    The Princess and The Knight is an epic tale of bravery in unexpected places and fun for everyone!

  4. First glimpse of the covers

    Posted on: Aug 14, 2013

    We've been putting the final touches to our Ignite 2 covers and can now reveal a first glimpse of Alien Harvest by Melanie Joyce and The Hamster Who Fell to Earth by Danny Pearson! Get ready for an intergalactic hamster who likes gardening and futuristic aliens who have developed a taste for human flesh in these two fast-paced stories due to be published in September 2013!

  5. The Best Day Ever! by Roger Hurn

    The Best Day Ever! by Roger Hurn

    Posted on: Aug 12, 2013

    Film premieres, music concerts, travelling all over the world, it's all just a daily routine for Princess Mel. She's fed up with her royal title and just wants to relax!

    When she meets lookalike Jenni, she spies a great opportunity...

    A tale of identity swapping and how the normal can be as great as a celebrity life, The Best Day Ever! is a fun story for every girl that's ever wanted to be a princess.

  6. Alien Harvest by Melanie Joyce

    Alien Harvest by Melanie Joyce

    Posted on: Aug 07, 2013

    Earth, 5014.

    Neshla joins her friend Galen and his father on a Specialist Food Unit Mission to harvest food from Vetron 5. As ever, there is a risk of possible alien life forms, but the trip goes smoothly.

    Until Galen finds a blue flowers and secretly brings it on board the ship! The plant grows and grows in size and appetite, until the crew discover it has a taste for human flesh...

  7. Pony Mad by Roger Hurn

    Pony Mad by Roger Hurn

    Posted on: Aug 01, 2013

    Sam's best friend is her pony, Zelda. She takes good care of her, talking to her and sharing secrets, much to another stable girl's amusement.

    When Araminta brags of the gymkhana that she and her pony will win, Sam is instantly disheartened. Encouraged by the stable owner, who sees her caring ways, Sam enters and trains very hard.

    Sam and Zelda are ready to enter the competition, only to find their saddle has been stolen, right before the main event!

    Will they still be able to enter? Or will Araminta and her pony win after all?

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