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  1. Easter Holiday Reading Activities

    Easter Holiday Reading Activities

    Posted on: Feb 16, 2023

    Is you brain scrambled trying to hatch ideas to keep your pupils reading over the Easter break? Look no further than these cracking challenges to involve families, eggcite children and encourage them to peck up a book over the school holiday.

    Download these challenges and accompanying activity sheets for FREE! Print them off and pop them into book bags or email home. 

  2. Brand-New English-Ukrainian Dual Language Books

    Brand-New English-Ukrainian Dual Language Books

    Posted on: Feb 02, 2023

    The invasion of Ukraine commenced in February 2022, and regrettably, it appears that this conflict is far from reaching a resolution anytime soon. The UK has welcomed almost 200,000 Ukrainian nationals[1] so far and had offered school places to 20,500 children by the end of September 2022[2]. Many of these children arrived with limited English and teachers and support staff were understandably looking for appropriate resources to ease their transition into school.

    Here, at Badger Learning, we decided to publish a range of six dual language English–Ukrainian eBook PDFs and a simple phrasebook in June 2022 and to offer these for free. We have been taken aback by the response from schools and families with over 13,000 copies downloaded so far from all over the world including in Ukraine. Many of you contacted us to request more resources so we conducted a survey to find out what would be most useful and had an unprecedented number of responses. Of these, 74% requested printed books as well as eBooks, 99% were interested in more fiction titles and 91% more non-fiction. Of the fiction themes, Humour, Action & Adventure were the most widely requested with recurring characters and fantasy elements as the most popular choices.<!

Blog Posts: 1–11 of 2