Would you like to write a story for our next series? We are currently open to submissions for our upcoming series WOW! Fiction. Titles in this new series will be thematically matched to titles in our best-selling non-fiction series WOW! Facts.

These will be low-level books for reluctant and struggling readers, with a reading age of 6–6.5 years (book bands turquoise, purple, gold), an interest age of 7–14 years and a word count between 800–1400. All books will be edited and levelled by a literacy consultant, so even if you don’t have experience in writing for a specific reading age you can still submit!

No previous book deal is necessary but an engaging voice, relatable content and an excellent standard of written English is essential. Knowledge of children's literature is also key as you need to know good stories to write good stories!

If you are interested in writing any of these titles, we are inviting authors