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  1. #UnitedByBooks – We Need to #KeepKidsReading

    #UnitedByBooks – We Need to #KeepKidsReading

    Posted on: Apr 08, 2020

    As parents, we know reading is better for children than watching TV or playing online games, but are we all aware how much better and why schools place such an emphasis on getting kids reading?

    With schools closed and normal life suspended for everyone we are all scrabbling around trying to think how best to support our children. Parents are taking on a new role as home educators, even though most of us have very limited experience in this and children and young people may additionally be scared, worried and frustrated.

    There are a huge number of digital resources out there, and schools will be sharing links with families on what systems they are using to keep children learning their school subjects. However, there is also a hugely important additional way you can support children academically and emotionally and that is to encourage them to read.

    Children who read for pleasure do better in school and in life than children who don’t. There are a number of academic studies showing this, and that’s why schools work so hard to push reading. This holds true, whatever the academic background of the parents and their income. Reading, and reading because you want to, not because it’s a set text, is a super-power, which has more impact on your results in school and salary after school than anything else we know of. Read the research here

    Books are also soothing, studies show reading is good for mental health, lowering stress levels and anxiety more than many other activities. (read research on this here) Reading allows you to escape into other worlds, and as you have to build the pictures in your mind of what those worlds look like, smell like and taste like, they do it better than just watching a screen. Having less is somehow more

  2. Staying Safe and Keeping Strong

    Posted on: Apr 03, 2020

    With the Covid-19 Pandemic impacting all aspects of our daily lives we would like to reassure our customers, suppliers, partners and employees, in the UK and around the world, that we are treating this with all seriousness; and we are monitoring the situation as it unfolds. We continue to align our response with guidance from Government and public health authorities and are taking business continuity measures to ensure that we are well prepared as the situation develops.

    We are working to continue to serve our customers in these uncertain times – in sharing knowledge and suppling resources both for teachers who are planning for when children return to school, and for parents looking for books for home reading. We aim to ensure that schools and parents receive the same professionalism, care and service level that they have come to expect from us, whilst also looking after the health and wellbeing of our employees.

    Badger Learning have been supporting teachers and inspiring children for 30 years, and we truly hope to continue supporting you for many more.

    We whole-heartedly believe that reading is a vital life skill, and we know children that read for pleasure do better in life, have better mental health and bigger aspirations. The ability to escape into a different world full of magic and wonder is certainly one of the coping mechanisms we’re using right now, as well as reminding us that we are not alone.

    We have reduced our team to a skeleton staff, allowing us to continue to serve our customers and supply a range of home learning resources vital to children’s continuing education at home. Please be assured our remaining staff are able to use social distancing strategies and continue to use the strict hygiene regimes we've been implementing for the past few weeks. We also continue to work with our service partners to ensure safe deliveries.

    Do call customer service, who are ready to advise if you have any questions.


Blog Posts: 1–11 of 2