I'm really excited to be writing Adventure Park for Badger Learning. The series revolves around Emily, one of the luckiest girls in the world. She's lucky because her Grandad, Albert Sparkle-Trousers is the owner of the best theme park on the planet, Adventure Park. Like Albert, the theme park is a little bit magic and a little bit crazy. Emily tests the rides with her best friend Jacob and her pet hamster Frank - and nothing ever goes right! Throughout the series, our heroes find themselves sent spinning through times, hijacked by a pirate, chased by aliens and menaced by monsters.

Best of all, I'm working with the wonderful Abby Bulmer, who is bringing the stories to life with her amazing illustrations. I first worked with Abby years ago on some comic strips and so when the good people at Badger Learning started talking about illustrations I knew exactly who I wanted to draw Adventure Park. There's just so much energy in her artwork, which will help engage even the most reluctant of readers.

Cavan Scott

I've had a wonderful time working on Adventure Park so far. Every book seems to contain some of my favourite subjects to draw: aliens, monsters, dinosaurs and dragons! It's just perfect. And the characters are a blast. I think Albert and Frank are my favourite characters to draw so far, but I LOVE drawing Emily's hair. It's just a big fun scribble! It's great to get to work on something like this for youngsters who find reading a challenge, when I was young picture books and comics were a huge inspiration. If my silly drawings can be an encouragement to kids to get into books then I'll be thrilled!

Abby Bulmer

The 8 Adventure Park titles will be as follows:
Dinosaur Danger
Monster Mayhem
Pirate Peril
Candy Crisis
Cosmic Chaos
Rainforest Riot
Medieval Madness
Pyramid Panic

We are confident that the combination of simple language, short sentences and well-developed, humorous characters will provide an accessible yet enjoyable reading experience for the age group, without being patronising.