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  1. Sparkling news! Gems are now available!

    Posted on: Sep 30, 2013

    Badger is happy to announce that our glittering Gems titles are now available! To add a touch of sparkle to your bookshelves, visit to order your copies.

    For more information on the series, check out our blog history for titles, illustrations and author interviews.

  2. The Sweet Trail Mystery by Ian MacDonald

    The Sweet Trail Mystery by Ian MacDonald

    Posted on: Aug 30, 2013

    Something suspicious is happening in the seaside town of Rockpool and it's turning the residents pretty sour...

    Three children band together to discover the mystery behind burglaries and disappearing sweets and get a lot more than they bargained for!

    As the trail unravels, Millie, Jade and Sami discover the culprits and find the chief perpetrator was a lot closer to home than they realised...

    Will Rockpool get is rock back? Or will the Tower chase be the end of the three young detectives?

  3. The Best Day Ever! by Roger Hurn

    The Best Day Ever! by Roger Hurn

    Posted on: Aug 12, 2013

    Film premieres, music concerts, travelling all over the world, it's all just a daily routine for Princess Mel. She's fed up with her royal title and just wants to relax!

    When she meets lookalike Jenni, she spies a great opportunity...

    A tale of identity swapping and how the normal can be as great as a celebrity life, The Best Day Ever! is a fun story for every girl that's ever wanted to be a princess.

  4. Pony Mad by Roger Hurn

    Pony Mad by Roger Hurn

    Posted on: Aug 01, 2013

    Sam's best friend is her pony, Zelda. She takes good care of her, talking to her and sharing secrets, much to another stable girl's amusement.

    When Araminta brags of the gymkhana that she and her pony will win, Sam is instantly disheartened. Encouraged by the stable owner, who sees her caring ways, Sam enters and trains very hard.

    Sam and Zelda are ready to enter the competition, only to find their saddle has been stolen, right before the main event!

    Will they still be able to enter? Or will Araminta and her pony win after all?

  5. Cat brace face by Danny Pearson

    Cat brace face by Danny Pearson

    Posted on: Jul 17, 2013

    Kim isn't having the best day. She's just had her braces fitted and they are landing her in a lot of trouble...

    As if the school bullies weren't enough, a crowd of cats chase her home! She is cowering in front of the claws, but suddenly she realise she can talk to her feline foes...

    Can Kim use her new braces to an advantage? Will the cats be fluffy friends or enemies?

  6. Deep Trouble by Danny Pearson

    Deep Trouble by Danny Pearson

    Posted on: Jul 02, 2013

    Laura and her family have moved to the coast, and she is finding it hard to fit in.

    She much prefers being by the sea than going to her new school, and it pays off when she makes her first friend. She finds a little squid and nicknames him Ziggy.

    Taking him home to nurse him back to health, her dad flushes him down the toilet! Laura gets over it gradually, until a news reporter announces a large container ship being attack by a giant squid, who looks just like Ziggy!

    Will Laura be able to save the Ziggy and the container ship from destruction?

  7. Malekin by Jane A C West

    Malekin by Jane A C West

    Posted on: Jun 21, 2013

    Jess hasn't had an ordinary childhood. She's human, at least, but she her family are a little unusual...

    Being raised by fairies, gnomes and a unicorn, Jess is a malekin; a human child who can perform magic. She's been coping pretty well until now, but that was before she had to go to school!

    But keeping her powers secret may be the least of her troubles, especially with the meanest maths teacher in school...

  8. Pink Football Boots by Ian MacDonald

    Pink Football Boots by Ian MacDonald

    Posted on: Jun 06, 2013

    Shareen is the star of the school's football team. She's also the only girl on it!

    Despite her strong friendship with the boys, a popular girl, Georgia, labels her 'out' and uncool. When Shareen's football boots go missing, she has a prime suspect in mind.

    Angry about the stolen shoes, Shareen stumbles upon Georgia being teased by some older pupils. Will she step in and stop the bullies? How can she use her football skills to help?

    Challenging expectations and finding friends in unlikely places, Pink Football Boots scores all the right goals for girls who are more than the ordinary.

  9. Once Upon a Time by Tommy Donbavand

    Once Upon a Time by Tommy Donbavand

    Posted on: May 29, 2013

    Ella isn't your average girl. She dresses all in black, dyes her hair pink and will only answer to the name Midnight...

    When she has to babysit her princess loving sister, she's less than thrilled, especially when she has to read her a bedtime fairy tale story!

    All of a sudden, the two find themselves transported into a magical realm! Almost as if they have fallen straight into the story book pages...

    What will happen in this world? Will the fairies be good or bad? Or even worse, will they make Midnight dress in pink?

  10. Eggs on Legs by Jean Ure

    Eggs on Legs by Jean Ure

    Posted on: May 21, 2013

    Lara is tired of being second best next to her smarmy cousin Nathan. The town's annual writing competition is coming up, but she has no ideas! If only something would drop into her head...

    Suddenly, she finds an 'egg thing' in the compost heap in her garden. When the egg starts making strange squeaking sounds, she knows she has to rescue it!

    In the dead of night, there are strange lights from the garden. There are two even larger egg creatures standing on the compost heap! Is this an invasion? Or do they come in peace?

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