Ready to get marooned?

We are excited to announce that our new series, Monster Island, will soon be ready for release into a classroom near you!

Lord of the Flies meets Robinson Crusoe meets Jurassic Park, this series has been expressly designed with reluctant and struggling readers in mind. We’re often asked by teachers for interesting stories for those with a very low reading ability, and we’re confident that this series fits that description. Each book in the series has a reading age of 6–7 packaged within a bite-sized word count of 300–500, whilst maintaining enough drama and intrigue to hold the interest of readers aged 12+. Techniques such as line spacing, carefully controlled sentence structure and questions at the back all help to make these stories as readable and undaunting as possible. There is also a ‘Story so far’ blurb at the beginning of each book which helps to set the scene, limit extraneous vocabulary and get straight to the meat of the plot. It also ensures that there is no order to the series and each book can be enjoyed as a standalone story.

 Much like our first series of this type, Big Top of Horrors, the stories in Monster Island are scary and sometimes gruesome — it is packed full of vicious mythical beasts after all! Everything you would want from a horror series! Just watch out for the Captain…