It's the middle of December, but Shiverton has been hit by a heat wave. All the snow is melting and running downhill.

Could this be the work of Ray Burn and his giant pair of sunglasses? Why does he want to flood the Shiverton Museum of Really Expensive Stuff?

To find out, Cole will have to munch on a carrot and become the world's coldest superhero - Snow-Man!

We are proud to reveal the first action-packed story in the Snow-Man series, and it's swelteringly good! No, seriously.

The combination of engrossing storyline and compact word count of 1,200-1,500 words will draw readers in and even leave them wanting more! We are confident that this amusing story can be enjoyed by all ages, but most specifically reluctant readers aged 9-12 with a reading age of just 7-8.

Let your pupils join us for some surreal fun in the world of Snow-Man and his pals. And if we can't convince you, let this first exclusive look at the book cover do the talking.