Two Sides II – Out Now!

We are thrilled to announce that we are back with a brand-new series — Two Sides II.

Given the success of the first Two Sides series — published in September last year — we expect these six new books to be a real hit with students.

As in the first series, the texts consist of two first-person narratives with differing perspectives. One ‘bystander’ narrative, usually presenting a narrow or prejudiced view, alternates with the main character’s voice who reveals the broader reality of their difficult situation.

These books really do pack a punch and consider hard-hitting topics that affect many of today’s teenagers. Gender identity, racism, sexuality, anxiety, loneliness, domestic abuse and homelessness are all covered.

They are specifically written for struggling and reluctant readers aged 13+, with reading ages of 8–9.

Each book has a dedicated section at the back with easily-digestible information about the topics covered, along with links to useful websites where students can find help and support.

United by Emma Norry

This sensitively written book tells the story of a talented young football player, Zane, and his struggle with coming out to his best friend, coach and teammates.

It is a sad fact that homophobia continues to be rife within football, at both the professional and amateur level. 

As teachers will know, the influence of professional footballers on young people shouldn’t be underestimated, meaning that it is vital for football clubs to promote a culture of diversity and acceptance. Gareth Southgate, OBE, is leading the way in changing outdated beliefs to reflect modern society:

“We’re a team, with our diversity and our youth, that represents modern England. In England, we have spent a bit of time being a bit lost as to what our modern identity is. I think we represent that modern identity and hopefully, people can connect with us.”

 Gareth Southgate, OBE, 2018

Read an extract of United below:

Chapter 1

It’s Just A Game


I ran down the wing straight for the ball, I tripped and nearly fell, but managed to hold it together and raced on. I’d already given the ball away twice today. I couldn’t afford to do it again.

“Bryant!” Mr Jones screamed from the sidelines, “Stop playing like a bloody fairy.”

Coach’s face was bright red and he was waving his arms around like a madman, looking angrier than I’d ever seen him. What did he just say?


Other captivating titles in the series:

Home by Karen Moncrieffe

Breathe by Karen Moncrieffe

Torn by Jenni Spangler

Being Dan by Donna David

Change by Chitra Soundar