Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, take your seats, the Big Top of Horrors series has arrived!

These six, gruesome stories have been written by accomplished and well-respected authors who have been writing stories to capture and intrigue the minds of reluctant readers for many years. Every title has been overseen by the series consultant, Dee Reid, who has ensured that the vocabulary and sentence structure are accessible for very low level readers — without compromising the exciting plot lines and complex characters.

With only 400–600 words and a reading age of 6–7, these gripping titles will appeal to your reluctant readers aged 12+ and leave them wanting more.

These six titles are terrifyingly good and the striking covers, illustrated by Mark Penman, will attract both reluctant and able readers alike, but don’t just take our word for it – the Ringmaster dares you and your students to read them!

The Clown by Roy Apps

What does the creepy clown want with Kelly’s face? Kelly and Jake are about to find out.

The Wheel by Tim Collins

The knife thrower flings long, sharp knives at the Ringmaster on the wheel. Then one lands in his chest. Anna screams.

The Box by Alex Woolf

Jack and Jill are creepy, and their act with the box is impossible according to Ash.

The Prize by Ann Evans

Who dares to join Zena on the trapeze and win the prize of a lifetime? Eve does. She loves gymnastics. This will be fun.

The Tank by Tim Collins

Shazia is fed up, she’s been watching the escape artist for over an hour. Little does she know, his last trick involves her.

The Top Hat by Danny Pearson

What will happen to Ryan and Mia when Ryan laughs at the man in the top hat? How will the Ringmaster react? What will he pull from his top hat?


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Big Top of Horrors